Complete Crumb Edition: Volume 3

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Fanfare: Critic's Choice, Best of Year
December Disc of the Month & 10/10 - Highest Rating:
Top CDs of 1999, Pittsburgh Gazette
Editor's Favorite:

Three works by George Crumb, the American master composer.

Star-Child, the 2001 Grammy Winner for Best Contemporary Composition. This work was considered "unrecordable" by Boulez as it calls for multiple orchestras to perform simultaneously with different conductors. Through digital technology, Bridge has provided the first studio recording of this work ever. Thomas Conlin leads the Warsaw Philharmonic to extraordinary heights in Crumb's apocalyptic masterpiece.

Mundus Canis (A Dog's World)is a series of short works for guitar and percussion. David Starobin and George Crumb play these 5 works, based on the Crumb family dogs. Crumb and Starobin have since taken this piece on the road for a series of performances both across the USA and around the world.
George Crumb calls his Three Early Songs "the sins of his youth." These songs are certainly far from sinful, though stylistically far different from his later work. Crumb performs them on the piano, while his daughter, Ann Crumb, sings the vocal parts.



“This miraculous disc represents the fulfillment of a dream for all those music lovers who find themselves captivated by American composer George Crumb’s haunting, evocative, and passionate musical soundscapes. The fact that Becky and David were able to get this project off the ground is a miracle, and a true labor of love. I can’t imagine a finer gesture to a great composer in his 70th year.” - (10/10 Highest Rating)


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for soprano, trombone, children's choir, male choir, bell-ringers
and large orchestra (premiere recording)

Susan Narucki, soprano
Joseph Alessi, trombone
George Crumb, bell-ringer
Warsaw Boys' Choir
Warsaw Philharmonic Choir
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Thomas Conlin, conductor

Mundus Canis (1998) "A Dog's World"

for guitar and percussion (premiere recording)

David Starobin, guitar
George Crumb, percussion

Three Early Songs 

for voice and piano
Ann Crumb, soprano
George Crumb, piano


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