George Crumb Edition: Vol. 18

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Volume 18 of Bridge's Complete Crumb Edition features premiere recordings of two recent works ("The Yellow Moon of Andalusia" and "Yesteryear") as well the premiere recording of the recently revised version of a Crumb classic, "Celestial Mechanics". Crumb returns to his favorite poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, for "The Yellow Moon of Andalusia", six settings of English translations of Lorca's work. The performance features the work's dedicatees, the brilliant American soprano Tony Arnold, and the superb pianist, Marcantonio Barone. Mr. Barone follows with Crumb's 'Thelonious Monk variations' for solo piano, "Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik". Crumb was never satisfied with the ending of "Celestial Mechanics" and re-wrote it in 2012, recorded here for the first time. "Yesteryear" is a vocalise for soprano and three players, dedicated to Ms. Arnold. Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Award-winning composer George Crumb, now in his 88th year, continues to compose highly expressive, colorful and dramatic music. This new recording is a must-hear for all fans of a unique voice in contemporary music. 



“It has been Crumb’s good fortune to possess both potent genes and a fertile imagination. Now 88, the American composer continues to explore sonic possibilities in works of surprising and enchanting content, as this recording illustrates so generously.” - Gramophone

“Crumb’s exotic and uniquely colorful oeuvre is distinguished by a vast palette of timbres wrung from an eclectic array of instruments.” - Stereophile

“We have to thank Bridge Records for their thoroughness, not only in the preparation of this recording, but for undertaking such an exhaustive catalogue of works by one of the unique voices of our time.” - theWholeNote

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The Yellow Moon of Andalusia

Spanish Songbook III for Mezzo-Soprano and Amplified Piano

Tony Arnold, soprano; Marcantonio Barone, piano

Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik

A Little Midnight Music

Ruminations on 'Round Midnight by Thelonious Monk

Marcantonio Barone, piano

Celestial Mechanics

Cosmic Dances for Amplified Piano, Four Hands

Quattro Mani


A Vocalise for Mezzo-Soprano, Amplified Piano and Percussion

Tony Arnold, soprano; Marcantonio Barone, piano

David Nelson, percussion; William Kerrigan, percussion


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