Kecak from Bali
Kecak Ganda Sari

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CD Review: Highest Rating
Billboard Music Award Winner



“It can be compared with little else in the musical world, and this superb recording, made in Bali in 1987 and presented with thorough notes, is an extraordinary document.” - The New York Times

“The group’s uninhibited energy is as infectious as the music is intricate. Superb liner notes explain that this drama, created in 1932, contains elements of older Balinese trance rituals. Strange as hell, but you’ll get off on it the first time around: guaranteed.” - The Village Voice


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Kecak from Bali
Complete Ramayana Monkey Chant
A Balinese Music Drama

Kecak Ganda Sari
I Gusti Putu Putra, director

Recorded on location in Bali