Virtuoso Accordion
Mikko Luoma

$ 14.99

The 20th century produced a large classical repertoire for a number of previously under-used instruments, the accordion among them. This stellar disc presents the Finnish accordion virtuoso, Mikko Luoma, in a group of pieces that demonstrate the fascinating expressive range of this often maligned instrument. Jukka Tiensuu holds a unique place among composers that have written for the accordion. Mikko Luoma writes that "he gave a well needed push for accordionists with his Aufschwung, and 25 years later with Zolo defined the accordion from a totally new perspective. The young Sampo Haapamäki's piece Power sets the accordion fearlessly into motion with its spinning sonorities. The Finn Magnus Lindberg studied in the early 80's with the French composer, Gérard Grisey. Both played the accordion in their youth. Grisey's early piece (given its premiere recording here) is very different from Lindberg's, which uses a spectral approach to harmony. Magnus Lindberg writes that "The exceptionally large dynamic and tonal spectrum of the accordion, its "virtuoso potential" arising from the way the manuals are constructed, its harmonic and polyphonic scope and characteristics of bellows handling, compared to the bowing of a string instrument, make this an utterly fascinating instrument for me." Salvatore Sciarrino's Vagabonde blu is a quietly intense piece which creates a magical atmosphere through its use of the accordion's 'stradella-bass'-- pre-set major, minor, seventh and diminished chords in the instrument's left manual. Vladimir Zubitsky's wonderful Carpathian Suite is perhaps the most traditional music on this disc, utilizing the sounds of Ukranian folklore and folk instruments. Mikko Luoma is a senior lecturer at Turku Music Academy in Finland, and has lectured and given master classes at the Juilliard School, Columbia University, the Hochschule für Musik in Lübeck and the Musik Akademie Franz Liszt in Weimar.



“Finnish accordionist Mikko Luoma is a clear virtuoso who revels in the challenges he sets himself. There is much imagination used here in terms of differentiation of registers and tone, so that the instrument’s high register take on a glassy, otherworldly feel. The whole work is a joy...Luoma is absolutely on the piece’s wavelength...Magnificent music and magnificent playing too.” - Fanfare



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Sampo Haapamäki (b. 1979) - Power* (2001)
Jukka Tiensuu (b. 1948) - Aufschwung (1977); Zolo (2002)
Vladimir Zubitsky (b. 1953) - Carpathian Suite (1974)
Salvatore Sciarrino (b. 1947) - Vagabonde blu (1998)
Gérard Grisey (1946-1998) - Passacaille* (1967)
Magnus Lindberg (b. 1958) - Jeux d'anches (1990/91)

* premiere recordings

Mikko Luoma, accordion