Wind and Brass

Armando Ghitalla
A Trumpet Legacy
Music of Perry, Ponchielli, Molter, and Bohme

$ 14.99

This CD offers a tribute to the late Armando Ghitalla, for many years the principal trumpet player of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Ghitalla was considered to be one of the finest players and teachers of his era, and this disc offers his last recordings. This disc includes the premiere recording of William Perry's "Two Dance Pieces" for Trumpet and Orchestra, and is a delightful compilation of virtuoso trumpet playing and rarely heard compositions.



The opening ‘Jazz Promenade’ is a Gershwinesque romp whose tricky passagework is dispatched with nonchalant aplomb by Ghitalla. Even more impressive is Ghitalla’s ultra smooth legato in the ‘Ballad’. The finale entitled ‘Carnival!’ is pure, unalloyed joy. There is a certain swagger to Ghitalla’s playing that is here echoed by the orchestra. The works by Perry bookend the program. It is great fun and a most appropriate way to close the disc.” - Fanfare



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William Perry
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

Amilcare Ponchielli
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

Johann Melchior Molter
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in F major

Oskar Bohme
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, Op. 18

William Perry
Two Dance Pieces for Trumpet and Orchestra

Armando Ghitalla, trumpet
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Capella Istropolitana (Molter)
William Perry, conductor