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Ernesto Halffter: Complete Music for Piano Solo

$ 14.99

BBC Music Magazine: 5/5 Highest Rating



“This is an immensely attractive record, beautifully and resourcefully played and recorded. I recommend this disc wholeheartedly.” - BBC Music Magazine

“Adam Kent has made a careful study of these works, and he plays them with the confidence that comes with familiarity. He’s especially good at creating a solid rhythmic foundation with his left hand while allowing the right the necessary freedom to gracefully phrase Halffter’s winsome melodies. This quality pays handsome dividends not just in the numerous dance-inspired pieces but in the thicker-textured sonatas as well.” -


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Ernesto Halffter

Sonatina (1927)
Dos piezas cubanas (1945)
Parc d'attractions (1938)
Crespúculos (1920)
Marche joyeuse (1922)
Llanto por Ricardo Viňes (1943)
Gruss (1940)
Nocturno otoñal: recordando a Chopin (1987)
Hommages (1988)
Preludio y danza (1974)
Sonate: Homenaje a Dominico Scarlatti(1985)
Sonata per pianoforte (1926-32)
El Cuco (1911)

Adam Kent, piano