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This recording features the premiere recordings of works by the late Lou Harrison and the legendary Harry Partch. John Schneider, guitarist and Los Angeles radio personality performs on a wide variety of guitars using such instruments as Partch’s microtonal Adapated Guitars, Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars, a National Resophonic Guitar, and other instruments that feature tuneable fretboards for various types of Just Intonation. Lou Harrison (1917-2003) wrote his last guitar piece for National Steel guitar, custom fretted in Just Intonation. The Scenes from Nek Chand uses a six-note mode and is based on the sculpure and architecture of Nek Chand in northern India. Harry Partch worked on the adapatation of guitars in the 1930s, using one for his Barstow: 8 Hitchhikers’ Inscriptions (1941) (available on BRIDGE 9041). The opening of Partch’s long lost song cycle, December 1942, begins with a setting of the jester’s song "Come Away Death" from Shakespearre’s Twelfth Night. Three Intrusions (1949) are the first compositions to use Partch’s newly invented Diamond Marimba and the Adapted Guitar 2. Both of these works feature Schneider singing and intoning the vocal parts, as well as performing on copies of Partch’s Adapted Guitars.



“Guitar recordings come thick and furious each month, and most are so much alike that ‘been there, heard that’ hardly begins to describe them; but Schneider’s discs are something special, and certainly worth the wait.” -



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Carter Scholz: Rhythmicon I
Lou Harrison: Scenes from Nek Chand, Tandy's Tango, Cinna, Palace Music, Plaint & Variations on 'Song of Palestine', Serenado por Gitaro
Harry Partch: Letter from Hobo Pablo, December, 1942, Three Intrusions
Terry Riley: Harp of New Albion
John Schneider: Lament

John Schneider, guitars, vocals
members of Just Strings:
Rebekah Raff, kithara
Gene Sterling, diamond marimba