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Two New Comic Operas

$ 29.99

This two-disc set presents the world premiere recordings of new comic operas by John Musto and William Bolcom. The twin operas are on librettos written by Mark Campbell, and were commissioned by and composed for the excellent New York Festival of Song (NYFOS). Both operas were written for identical casts- the five singers heard on these recordings. NYFOS artistic director, Steven Blier writes: "Bill Bolcom's music for Lucrezia is exuberant and tonal, the opulent sound of desire. John Musto's musical world in Bastianello is more elusive and complex: chords often include elements of both major and minor, defying easy categorization. It is a fitting musical landscape for a piece that explores the way one moment can embrace many conflicting feelings. Lucrezia is a riotous piece where greed and deception are thwarted, and Bastianello,is a complex work in which a man learns the lesson of forgiveness." The 2-CD release comes packaged in a slipcase which contains a 112 page book with complete librettos for both operas.



“This is a delightful release. It’s such a great gift to get a double-dose of what’s rare in opera today—comic opera, and works that are not rehashes of recent or well-known novels/plays/films. Add to this the personality, quality, and wit of the pieces themselves, and the verve of these performances, and you have a winner.” - Fanfare

“Musto’s neoclassic-influenced score is charming and filled with life, bubbling with good humor and crisp ideas. Bolcom’s zarzuela Lucrezia is skillfully woven and nicely performed by these talented singers.” - American Record Guide



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PDF Booklet

Music by John Musto
Libretto by Mark Campbell

Music by William Bolcom
Libretto by Mark Campbell

New York Festival of Song
Lisa Vroman, soprano
Sasha Cooke, mezzo-soprano
Paul Appleby, tenor
Patrick Mason, baritone
Matthew Boehler, bass
Steven Blier and Michael Barrett, piano

BRIDGE 9299A/B (two discs)