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George Crumb Edition, Vol. 15

$ 14.99

This exciting disc presents the first recordings of two new George Crumb song cycles. With The Ghosts of Alhambra, George Crumb returns once again to his favorite poet, Federico García Lorca. The texts for The Ghosts of Alhambra come from Poema del cante jondo, much of which Lorca wrote in reaction to the commercialized flamenco he experienced in contemporary Andalusia. Crumb's settings are alternately dark, dramatic and childlike in their directness and simplicity. The spectacular tapestry that is Crumb's Voices from a Forgotten World presents a huge variety of American song from diverse sources. Native American songs (Navajo and Ojibwa) bump up against 17th century ballads and folk songs from various corners of the nation. The huge percussion orchestra provides one of Crumb's most colorful scores in a 46 minute composition that is shattering in its cumulative emotional impact.  Also available: "George Crumb: Bad Dog!" DVD of a film featuring Crumb in interview and performance (BRIDGE 9312).


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George Crumb

The Ghosts of Alhambra (Spanish Songbook I) (2009)
Patrick Mason, baritone, David Starobin, guitar, Daniel Druckman, percussion

Voices from a Forgotten World (American Songbook V) (2006)
Jamie Van Eyck, mezzo-soprano, Patrick Mason, baritone
Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, conductor (premiere recordings)


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