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Jerome Lowenthal, Rochberg, Chihara, Rorem

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Much admired piano virtuoso, Jerome Lowenthal, is heard in a new recording of works with which he has had a particularly close association. The works by Chihara and Rorem were each composed for Lowenthal, as was George Rochberg's Carnival Music. Lowenthal's long association with Rochberg's music is the major focus of this program. In addition to the authority which he brings to these scores, Lowenthal has written notes about all of the compositions heard here.



What’s most remarkable about this particular program is not just that Lowenthal has a firm grasp on its dazzling array of stylistic references, but the way in which he revels in the various points of view, as if each was a different character in a play, and he was a master of disguise. Everything, regardless of how incongruous or fantastical it might seem, falls neatly under his fingers, everything, ultimately, makes perfect sense.” - Fanfare (Art Lange)

This superbly conceived and executed recital concludes with a touchingly gentle 75th birthday present to Jerome Lowenthal from his friend and colleague Ned Rorem. It allows the listener to end this often challenging and invigorating program with a smile.” - Fanfare (Peter Burwasser)

The sound is excellent and the notes are superb. Strongly recommended.” - Fanfare (Peter J. Rabinowitz)


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PDF Booklet

George Rochberg:
Partita-Variations (1976)
Carnival Music (1976)
Nach Bach: Fantasia (1966)

Ned Rorem:
75 Notes for Jerry (2007)

Paul Chihara:
Bagatelles (2012)

Jerome Lowenthal, piano


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