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Martin Boykan: Music for Piano (1986-2007)

$ 14.99

Pianist Donald Berman's recording of Martin Boykan's piano music gives passionate voice to the music of one of America's most undervalued composers. Berman describes the music as: '..lyrical, yet atonal; melodic, yet with wide leaps in register; it sustains over large expanses, yet has quick inner pulsing.' Berman describes his encounter with Boykan's music: At the start I was awed by the diamond-like purity of individual moments, daunted by the complex was music that lived in my head for a long time after performing it. It is deeply personal.



Donald Berman’s performances of these works is nothing short of amazing. This is very difficult music — not only to perform, but to internalize. He shows he’s in command at all times. He knows where the music’s going, and his expressive playing gets us there in a clear, straight-forward manner. And does a great service to both the composer and to the listener.” - Finding Beauty in Ephemera


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Martin Boykan

Usurpations (1997)
Sonata No. 3: To the Memory of Edward Cohen (2007)
Towards the Horizon (2007)
Fantasy-Sonata (1986)

Donald Berman, piano