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A Lad's Love
Brian Giebler, tenor

$ 14.99

Grammy Nominee: Best Classical Solo Vocal Album

Opera News Critic's Choice

A delight in the friendships of one's youth, the pain of unrequited love, and the  destruction, horror and futility of war, are themes that run through A Lad's Love, a disc that brings together the profound beauty created by Britain's poets and composers during the turbulent years of the early 20th Century.  The brilliant American tenor, Brian Giebler, has been praised for his "lovely tone and deep expressivity" by The New York Times.



“Youthful radiance and earnest sincerity characterize the singing of tenor Brian Giebler. If there were more tenors with voices as clear, weightless and inviting then maybe song recitals wouldn’t be such a rarity.” - Times Union

A Lad’s Love is a collection of beautifully sung English songs that explore the love and loss at the core of human experience. Like all great art, the meaning and beauty of songs and lyrics are universal. Highly recommended.” - SFCV

“Here’s a truly ardent project that artfully combines poetry and music exploring the universal subject of love in all of its forms. No matter what persuasion or experience in the affairs of the heart, no one will go away unmoved: filled with joy, regret, hope or sorrow.” - JWR

“This thoughtfully assembled and well-performed recital by the gifted Boston-based lyric tenor Brian Giebler and pianist Steven McGhee explores a particular vein of British song, rooted in the work of the once phenomenally popular A.S. Houseman. Giebler shows the requisite ductility but also boasts a more attractive timbre...he shows an excellent command of diminuendos, and his dynamic control is commendable...McGhee’s contributions, throughout the disc, are articulate and sensitively judged.” - Opera News (Critic’s Choice)



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