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William Bland: Sonata No. 9 in F Major "Spring", Nouveau Rag, Sonata No. 10 in e minor; Kevin Gorman, piano

$ 16.99

Bridge Records is pleased to issue the second volume of American pianist Kevin Gorman's survey of William Bland's 24 Piano Sonatas.  Volume One of this series received high praise for both the originality of Bland's music, and Gorman's stunning performances.  Volume 2 presents the premiere recordings of Sonata No. 9 in F Major "Spring", and Sonata No. 10 in e minor.  Also included is William Bland's most frequently recorded composition, "Nouveau Rag".  "The range of expressive tools is vast.  It's grand music, with grand playing too from Gorman.  It is fervently to be hoped that this series continues." - Colin Clarke, Fanfare


“I think Bland's Ninth Piano Sonata is a work of originality and importance. I would welcome encountering it on any piano recital. All of the music on this disc is likely to satisfy listeners who believe that there are still new and important things to say using a traditional musical language. Bland could not have a more impassioned advocate than Gorman.” 5 Stars  — Henry Fogel, Fanfare


"The writing for the piano is rhapsodic, and colorful, a celebration of the keyboard's potential for both lyrical and virtuoso expression. Bland somehow manages to take seemingly disparate voices and create a cohesive, moving experience.  Kevin Gorman is once again a marvelous advocate for Bland's music, playing with virtuoso flair, gorgeous tone, and a masterful flexibility of pulse."  — Ken Meltzer, Fanfare 


"William Bland (b. 1947) walks among us and a recent album of his piano compositions gives us reason to be happy about that.  On this compilation Kevin Gorman poetically performs Sonata No. 9 "Spring", Nouveau Rag and Sonata No. 10 (Bridge CD 9580).  The music is substantial, lyrical and worth hearing. The 10th Sonata gives us an especially exciting virtuosity that brims over with expression and sincerity."  — Gapplegate Classical Modern


"Wiliam Bland draws on a variety of influences including classical, romantic and more popular styles, demonstrated here with the Nouveau Rag. Two piano sonatas (9 & 10) make up the bulk of this CD of Kevi Gorman’s excellent performances, all of which is very absorbing." — Lark Reviews


"Sonata 9 moves from a Rachmaninov-like opening, rhapsodic and improvisatory with elaborate figurations, to a bluesy Gershwinesque second movement replete with chord clusters, boisterous glissandos and vivid contrasts of dynamics...The expansive and often touching "Flowers" movement features soaring lyrical tunes, thick chordal passages, and elaborate arpeggios and arabesques that roll up and down the keyboard.  Pianist Kevin Gorman negotiates all the music with ardour and panache."  — Stephen Cera, Gramophone (July 2023)


"Listening to Kevin Gorman’s compellng performances of these two piano sonatas by West Virginia native William Bland (b.1947), I had a beautiful vision of some future day when Bland himself, as all men must, will pass into eternity. In my dream, he was warmly greeted by the shades of Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, proclaiming him their “Brother” for carrying on the good work of realizing all the expressive power and beauty that can still be infused in the time-honored form of the classical sonata....In the last analysis, this is one of the best new piano recordings of the year."  — Phil Muse, Atlanta Audio Society