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Bridge Records is pleased to release Volume 21 of its Complete Crumb Edition, a recording project begun in 1982, and completed 42 years later with this final installment. The Crumb Edition documents the late American composer's complete catalog of works, spanning Crumb's seventy-five year compositional career.  Vol. 21 includes compositions from the beginning, middle, and end of Crumb’s long and distinguished career, and features the world premiere recording of the composer's penultimate composition, the percussion quintet Kronos-Kryptos (Time-Secret).  Volume 21 also includes Crumb's second acknowledged composition, the Sonata for Solo Violoncello (1955), performed by cellist Timothy Eddy, as well as two performances of Crumb's piano solo, Processional (1983), played by pianists Gilbert Kalish (keyboard version) and Marcantonio Barone (alternate version with "extended piano" effects).



Bridge's Complete Crumb Edition has been awarded numerous international awards including the Cannes International Critics Award, two Grammy nominations, and a Grammy Award for Crumb's largest work, Star-Child. Critic David Hurwitz wrote that "Bridge’s decision to embark on a complete edition of George Crumb’s music remains one of the most significant recording projects currently in progress, as well as one of the most artistically successful." —

"Steven Osborne’s luminous and Robert Shannon’s commanding accounts of Processional are among the highlights of the Crumb discography, as also are Rohan de Saram’s long-breathed and Matt Haimovitz’s lucidly poised readings of the Sonata. Yet no one with even passing interest in Crumb should be without the present release – which, with its spaciously immediate sound and detailed notes by Crumb authority Steven Bruns, fittingly rounds off this journey through a life. The composer, happily able to attend the sessions, was clearly gratified with the result." Gramophone