Anthony Korf: Presences from Aforetime

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The major work on this recording is the most recent- Anthony Korf's impressive Symphony No. 3. The composer writes: "The two movements, roughly equal in length, are each formed by three large segments. In the first movement, 'Dust Unto Dust,' an inner section furnishes a thematically related 'slow movement,' itself a miniature of the A-B-A form within which it is nested. The second movement, 'Return to Forever,' does not follow this symmetrical model, however. After the trio, or 'B' section, the music returns not to the movement's three-note theme but to the work's opening scenario: the end then, the beginning, as the beginning is The End. I believe the movement titles reasonably evoke the Symphony's dramatic and musical meaning, to which I can add only that the first movement looks back on the past from the future and the second movement views the past from the present. The Symphony's final moments intone a highly personalized setting of the Miserere Nobis from the High Mass."


“When listening to a work by Korf, one is first struck by its seemingly acerbic post-tonal language. Repeated hearings begin to unearth its lyrical underpinnings and subtly subsumed jazz inflections. Yet further hearings reveal the gracious warmth of this man’s nature.” - Fanfare


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Presences from Aforetime (1999),
Robert Ingliss, oboe & English horn
Greg Hesselink, cello
Oren Fader, guitar
Stacey Shames, harp 
Christopher Oldfather, piano
Anthony Korf, conductor

Six Miniatures for Flute with Piano (1997)
Tara Helen O'Connor, flute
Christopher Oldfather, piano

Three Movements for Clarinet Solo (1992)
Alan R. Kay, clarinet

Symphony No. 3 (2007)
Riverside Symphony, George Rothman, conductor