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Stony Brook Soundings, Vol. 2

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Since the founding of the Department of Music at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in the mid-1960s, the campus has been a hot bed of activity in the field of contemporary music. This recording samples the collaborative atmosphere between students and faculty, offering premiere recordings of exciting new compositions, performed by members of the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, an ensemble currently co-directed by Gilbert Kalish and Eduardo Leandro.


Fantasy by Peter Winkler is a lush and vibrant work. In I the solo cello line sings a yearning, melancholy melody over low sustained tones. The climax of the piece’s tension is quite affecting. This tension relents to a joyful presto that climbs through recitatives to a meandering, rustic III. The delightful boom-chick pizzicato accompaniment and diatonic melody are pleasing.” - American Record Guide


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Sheila Silver: Twilight's Last Gleaming
Gilbert Kalish and Cristina Dahl, pianos
Eduardo Leandro and Kevin Dufford, percussion

Tyler Capp: Stranger Variations;
Claudia Schaer, violin

Peter Winkler: Fantasy (for cello septet);
Colin Carr, solo cello;
with Charlotte Muir, Jonathan den Herder, Heather Tuach, Adiel Shmit, Amber Docters van Leeuwen, & Aron Zelkowicz, cellos

Daria Semegen: Vignette;
Cathy Callis, piano

Margaret Schedel: The Beautiful Don't Lack the Wound;
Esther Lamneck, táragató, with interactive electronics