David Rakowski: Etudes, Vol. 4

$ 14.99

David Rakowski’s 100 piano études were composed over a period of 22 years. Hayes Biggs writes that "Rakowski's mastery, imagination, craft and humor shine forth in virtually every bar. Amy Briggs plays the études with dazzling pianistic prowess and unusual expressive understanding." This release is the fourth in a series devoted to David Rakowski's brilliant work: Vol. 1: BRIDGE 9121, Vol. 2: BRIDGE 9157, Vol. 3: BRIDGE 9310



“This is an extraordinary project and will certainly be considered a seminal contribution to the genre.” - American Record Guide

Amy Briggs’s performances are fiery and passionate, capturing all the quirkiness of Rakowski’s ideas. She has a deft soft touch for the slow études, and an authentic jazzy feel for the jazzy ones. Her performance of Not is a real scream. Her control of four layers of repeated notes, each with independent dynamic swells must be heard to be believed.” - NewMusic USA

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#77 Ecco Eco

#76 Clave

#86 Prog Springs Eternal

#97 Quietude

#80 Fireworks

#93 Polkritude

#71 Chase

#87 Berceuse (celesta)

#73 Heavy Hitter

#84 What's Hairpinning

#72 Dorian Blue

#88 Toyed Together

#81 Kai'n Variation

#78 Upon Reflection

#74 Not

#83 M'Aidez

#85 Diminishing Return

#90 Solid Goldie

#87 Berceuse (toy piano)

#79 Narcissitude

#75 Twilight

#82 F This

#89 This Means Warble


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