Jazz, Pop, Spirituals and the Blues

The Golden Gate Quartet and Josh White in Concert

$ 14.99

2003 AFIM Indie Award Winner

A concert in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, featuring THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET and JOSH WHITE at the Library of Congress (1940), with commentary by Sterling Brown, Alain Locke, and Alan Lomax.



“What a great surprise this CD is! The recording is distinguished by the presence of Josh White, whose mellow light baritone voice and virtuoso guitar play to perfection.” - Phil’s Classical Reviews

"The quartet’s music is heavenly, and Josh White (1915-1969) had a lovely, honeyed tone that stood out expressively over his puckish guitar riffs. This CD belongs in every home and classroom." - People's World



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1. Freedom (The Golden Gate Quartet)
2. The Negro Spiritual (Alain Locke)
3. Noah (The Golden Gate Quartet)
4. I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always (The Golden Gate Quartet)
5. We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder (The Golden Gate Quartet)
6. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep (The Golden Gate Quartet)
7. Traveling Shoes (The Golden Gate Quartet)
8. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone? (Josh White)
9. What Are the Blues? (Sterling Brown)
10. Poor Lazarus (Josh White, The Golden Gate Quartet)
11. John Henry (Josh White, The Golden Gate Quartet)
12. The Social Song (Sterling Brown)
13. Silicosis Blues (Josh White)
14. Trouble (Josh White, The Golden Gate Quartet)
15. Introduction with Juba Recitation (Alan Lomax, Willie Johnson)
16. Old Dan Tucker (The Golden Gate Quartet, Josh White)
17. Introduction to Mr. Rabbit (Alan Lomax)
18. Mr. Rabbit, Your Ear's Mighty Long (The Golden Gate Quartet, Josh White)
19. The Negro Work Song (Alan Lomax)
20. The Railroad Workers Camp (Alan Lomax, The Golden Gate Quartet)
21. Negro Song Afterword (Alan Lomax)
22. Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham (Josh White, The Golden Gate Quartet)
23. Run, Sinner, Run (Josh White, The Golden Gate Quartet)