Jazz, Pop, Spirituals and the Blues

Cecil Taylor: Algonquin

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Review from Paristransatlantic.com
The visionary piano virtuoso Cecil Taylor was commissioned by the Library of Congress to write a work for violin and piano in 1999. The result was Taylor's "Algonquin"–an intensely joyful dialogue between violinist Mat Maneri and Taylor. Taylor's score bridges the gap between jazz and classical music–between improvisation and notated music. As annotator Bill Shoemaker writes: "A Taylor score opens a moment of intense creativity, but only for that moment; afterwards, the score is merely part of the record, fodder for the files. What endures in Taylor's music defies notation, conventional or otherwise. It begs the question: Is a score that is little more than an outline, and designed only for a single use, as legitimate as one where all aspects of performance are specified, and has been repeatedly performed over for years, decades and even centuries? Given the exhilarating energy conveyed through this recording, the answer is surely yes."

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Cecil Taylor, piano
Mat Maneri, violin