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Crosstalk: American Speech Music

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This wild compilation of hip-hop influenced 'speech' pieces shows the blurring lines of serious and popular art. Curated by Mendi + Keith Obadike, one of 'Crosstalk's goals was to consider how our ways of listening to American speech music across genres has changed since hip-hop brought speech music into the mainstream. This collection presents an eclectic and exciting sampling of speech-music, cutting across genres and generations.



Composer, journalist Frank J. Oteri writes:

"Whether or not it is true that music is the universal language, Bridge's new disc Crosstalk turns that old adage on its head showing how language can yield a universe of musical possibilities. From Paul Lansky's computer-generated speech music that is not quite speech to Pamela Z's real yet often sounding computer-generated voice to the post-rap mini-operas of the disc's curators, Mendi and Keith Obadike, Crosstalk offers an exciting cross-section of numerous streams of music-making that have somehow converged. If minimalism and post-minimalism were movements that were informed by rock yet not rock, Crosstalk takes us into a new sonic realm that is informed by hip-hop but is ultimately something quite different." -FJO, December 2008

“Though the project’s participants take different approaches to the challenge of incorporating speech into music, Crosstalk is unified by the high quality of their contributions.” - Signal to Noise Magazine


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Pamela Z: Declaratives in First Person
Guillermo E. Brown: ElectroPrayer 5.0
Tracie Morris: Africa(n)
Shelley Hirsch: In the Basement
Paul Lansky: Chatter of Pins

Mendi and Keith Obadike: The Pink of Stealth
DJ Spooky, featuring Ursula Rucker: Being Black
Daniel Bernard Roumain: Blimp/Sky from DBR's One Loss
Peter Gordon/Laurence Weiner: The Society Architect Ponders the Golden Gate Bridge

Mendi and Keith Obadike: Rodeo Red
George E. Lewis: Morning Blues for Yvan
John Link: Life Studies, Movement #1
Vijay Iyer: Redemption Chant 2.0.