Jazz, Pop, Spirituals and the Blues

Brian Mulligan
Old Fashioned

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2019 Opera Now: Critics Choice

Opera Now (UK) (5 stars)


This collection of songs was first made popular during the early 20th century, through iconic renditions by great American baritones of the past. Nelson Eddy, John Charles Thomas, Lawrence Tibbett, and Leonard Warren performed these songs on film and television, and they were often heard over the radio. Somewhere over the years, many of these songs became considered “old fashioned,” but the virtues of these classic tunes still endure today, and it’s time they were shared with new audiences. American baritone Brian Mulligan and pianist Craig Rutenberg have curated this program to represent a breadth of composers and musical styles, honoring an incredible period of music in America.



Old Fashioned collects a variety of moods in a variety of styles and tempos, each lyric lovingly explored by Mulligan’s glorious voice. You should acquire this disc right away.” - Words and Music

Together with his accompanist Craig Rutenberg, Mulligan makes a persuasive case for the enduring greatness of all these wonderful old songs.” - Atlanta Audio Club

The repertoire is:


Guy d'Harledot; Edward Teschemacher (lyricist)   Because
Oley Speaks; Rudyard Kipling (lyricist)   On the Road to Mandalay
Oley Speaks; Clinton Scollard (lyricist)   Sylvia
Sandor Harmati; Edward Heyman (lyricist); Harry Parr-Davies (lyricist)   Bluebird of Happiness
Frank Tours; Rudyard Kipling (lyricist)   Mother O' Mine
Oscar Rasbach; Joyce Kilmer (lyricist)   Trees
Wolseley Charles; Greatrex Newman (lyricist)   The Green Eyed Dragon
Geoffrey O'Hara; Gordon Johnstone (lyricist)   There Is No Death
Harry Carroll; Ballard McDonald (lyricist)   The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Eric Coates; Royden Barrie (lyricist)   Birdsongs at Eventide
Haydn Wood; Frederick Weatherly (lyricist)   Roses of Picardy
Sigmund Rombert; Oscar Hammerstein II (lyricist)   When I Grow Too Old to Dream
Robert Morrison Stults   The Sweetest Story Ever Told
Carrie Jacobs-Bond   I Love You Truly
Arthur Sullivan; Adelaide Anne Procter (lyricist)   The Lost Chord
Albert Hay Malotte   The Lord's Prayer
Antonín Dvořák; Williams Arms Fisher (lyricist)   Goin' Home
Vincent Youmans; Billy Rose (lyricist); Edward Eliscu (lyricist)   Without a Song
Ernest Charles   When I Have Sung My Songs
Carrie Jacobs-Bond   A Perfect Day
Noël Coward   I'll See You Again

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