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Songs of Grechaninov
Georgine Resick, soprano

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This disc presents the ravishing American soprano, Georgine Resick, in thirty-three songs by the Russian composer Aleksandr Grechaninov (1864-1956). Accompanied by the superb Warren Jones, these performances (sung in Russian) sample a broad range of Grechaninov's work: from children's songs ("Snowflakes") to the Russian National School; and from Impressionist/Symbolist influenced works to songs based on Folk texts. Grechaninov studied in both Moscow and St. Petersburg with Taneyev, Arensky and Rimsky-Korsakov. From early in his career, Grechaninov showed great involvement with language and poetry. The song texts on this CD present a survey of Russia's most impressive poets, from Pushkin and Lermontov to the symbolist Blok and the political Bal'mont. In spite of the fact that Grechaninov spent a substantial part of his life in America, his music has never been fully taken up by his adopted country, and in recent years has rarely performed or recorded. His songs reward the listener with a breadth and depth of emotion, attesting to the creative need that Grechaninov himself called "a vital duty." Georgine Resick, a protegée of the late George London, is an internationally recognized soprano in both the operatic and concert fields. Renowned for her Mozart and Strauss interpretations, she has sung a wide variety of leading roles with the Vienna State Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, Paris Opera, Houston Grand Opera and numerous others. Warren Jones, has been the distinguished accompanist for Marilyn Horne, Luciano Pavarotti, Kiri Te Kanawa, Kathleen Battle, and many of the other great vocalists of our time.

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Aleksandr Grechaninov

Snezhiniki (Snowflakes) Op. 47
1. Snezhiniki (Snowflakes)
2. Verbochki (Pussy Willows)
3. Pro telënochka (About the Little Calf)
4. V lesu (In the Forest)
5. Mal'chik s pal'chik (Tom Thumb)
6. Gnomy (Gnomes)
7. Noch' (Night)
8. Morozko (Frost)
9. Podsnezhnik (Snowdrops)
10. Pesenka Fei (The Song of the Fairy)

Russian National School, Lyricism
11. Ostroiu sekiroi (With a Sharp Pole-Ax), Op.1, #2
12. Kolybel'naia pesnia (Lullaby), Op. 7, #4
13. Noch' (Night), Op. 5, #2
14. Ona byla tvoia (She Was Yours), Op. 7, #1
15. Kolybel'naia (Lullaby), Op. 1, #5
16. Sborshchik na kolokol (The Collector of the Bell), Op. 35, #2

Impressionist/Symbolist Influence
17. Vecher' (Evening), Op. 20, #1
18. Noch' (Night), Op. 20, #3
19. Je t'adore (I Love You), Op. 48, #3
20. I snilas' mne dalëkaia strana (And I Dream of a Faraway Land), Op. 63, #5
21. Po vecheram v chasy pechal'nykh grëz (In the Evenings, In the Hours of Sad Dreams), Op. 51, #5

Children's Songs
22. Kot (Cat) Op. 89, #4
23. Pervyi sneg (The First Snow), Op. 89, #2
24. Tëtka Agashka (Auntie Agashka), Op. 96, #3

From Opus 93, Seven Melodies to Texts of Aleksandr Pushkin
25. Molitva (Prayer), #1
26. Tsvetok (Flower), #3
27. Iunoshu, gor'ko rydaia (Youth, Bitterly Weeping), #5
28. Mal'chiku (To a Cupbearer), #7

Return to Russian Lyricism on the Eve of Emigration
29. Vecher' (Evening), Op. 97, #6
30. Rozovyi otblesk zakata (The Rosy Reflection of Sunset)

Songs on Folk Texts
31. Kurochka riabka (The Speckled Hen), Op. 85, #1
32. Kolybel'naia (Lullaby), Op. 84, #3
33. Tari-tari, Op. 85, #4

Georgine Resick, soprano

Warren Jones, piano