Neil B. Rolnick
Macedonian AirDrumming

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This fun house is what distinguishes Rolnick’s music from the majority of today’s electronic music. It has an ability to enchant, and to amuse without reducing the power and beauty of the traditional material it emulates.” - CMJ

That the music comes across so proscribed by its present medium’s austerities as good-natured gestures to percussive diversity and folk culture speaks to its purely musical merits. This Bridge release comes as a welcome addition.” - Fanfare

“The beauty of Rolnick’s music lies not so much in the soundscapes he creates, but in the way he marries the digital domain to the acoustic without drawing attention to his technological tricks.” - OPTION


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Macedonian Air Drumming (1990)
Sanctus (1990)
ReReBong (1989)
Neil B. Rolnick, composer