Music of Jonathan Harvey

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All of Harvey’s work strives to extend the musical language while remaining part of a musical tradition. Certainly worth investigating.” - Classic CD

Flutist Harry Starreveld and pianist René Eckhardt put in a performance that I can’t imagine bettered. Soprano Karol Bennett et al. likewise help make From Silence the great success it is. Never mind my carpings at Ritual Melodies—get this disc.” - Fanfare

Harvey is one of the few composers who can convince the skeptics of the musical value of such technological explorations.” - Gramophone


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Ritual Melodies for Quadraphonic Tape (1990)
From Silence for Soprano, Chamber Ensemble, Computer and Tape (1988)
Nataraja for Flute (Doubling Piccolo) and Piano (1983)

Jonathan Harvey, composer

Karol Bennett, soprano
Harrie Starreveld, flute
Rene Eckhardt, piano