Just West Coast
Microtonal music for guitar and harp

$ 14.99

CD Review: Best of Year
Pulse: Highest Rating
Fanfare: Hall of Fame



“A delight, a treat, and, for those who care, an education (or basis for debate).” - Mike Silverton

“This CD introduces our ears to natural harmonies we haven’t heard since the 1400s. Many of the works were written in the 1940s, and radically depart from the complexities as well as the dissonances of dodecaphonic music. Schneider and Schulman play with both technical confidence and authentic expression.” - On the Air Magazine


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Lou Harrison
Six Sonatas (1943)
Suite No. 2 (1979/92)
La Monte Young
Sarabande (1959, rev. 1991)
Harry Partch
Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1946/50)
8 Hitchhikers' Inscriptions (1941)
John Cage
Dream (1948)
In a Landscape (1948)

John Schneider, guitar
Amy Shulman, celtic and concert harps