Beethoven Late String Quartets
The Budapest String Quartet
Great Performances

$ 29.99

Fanfare: Best of Year
Gramophone - IRC: Best Historic Recording Nominee

These recordings, which until now lay virtually hidden in the archives of the Library of Congress, span nearly the entire length of the Budapest's residency at the Library. This remarkable set showcases performances of youthful ardor from the early 40s, as well as those deep and mature reflective performances which project the visceral excitement of the Budapest's onstage persona. The Budapest's exceptionally warm sound in these performances displays the quality of the famous Stradivarius instruments that the quartet played on at their Library concerts. The Budapest Beethoven cycles is being sold at a special price- three discs for the price of two. Bridge Records has taken great care in the restoration of these rarities- concerts that only a lucky few were privileged to hear at the original sold out performances, when the audiences regularly lined up around the block for tickets. Bridge has documented the set with extensive annotation by Harris Goldsmith.



“Here is a new slant on the career of this most impressive chamber group, plus some beautiful classic performances of these great works. I look forward to the rest of the Beethoven quartets, which are sure to contain more marvelous playing.” - American Record Guide

“Even today, the Late Quartets leave us breathless in the way they ring up changes in the tempo, texture, dynamics and mood with startling suddenness. That the Budapest Quartet takes these changes within the line and without even the slightest pause makes them seem all the more remarkable.” - Phil’s Classical Reviews


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Budapest String Quartet in Concert
at the Library of Congress (1941-1960)

BRIDGE 9072A/C (three discs for the price of two)

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