John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes
Aleck Karis, piano

$ 14.99

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This celebratory special edition features Cage's masterpiece, his visionary Sonatas and Interludes performed by pianist Aleck Karis, A free-bonus-disc brings us to an intimate California living room, where Cage converses and gives a reading of his poem-cum-manifesto, Composition in Retrospect.

Aleck Karis is the pianist of Speculum Musicae, and Professor of Piano at The University of California, San Diego.



“Everything is exactly defined, right down to the precise positioning of the nuts and bolts and pieces of felt and rubber that are laid on the strings to ‘prepare’ the piano and produce the percussive, gamelan-like effects that define the work’s sound-world.” - The Guardian


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Free Bonus Disc
John Cage reads his lecture
"Composition in Retrospect"

Aleck Karis, prepared piano

BRIDGE 9081A/B (two discs for the price of one)

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