Henry Martin
Preludes and Fugues, Part 2

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Henry Martin's "Preludes and Fugues" won the 1998 Barlow Endowment International Composition Competition from a field of 345 entries from 13 countries. This premiere recording, with the composer at the piano, contains the second part of Martin's cycle (the first part was recorded by Sarah Davis Buechner, on GM Recordings). As the title of this work might suggest, this piece alludes to the long and rich history of keyboard composition. Henry Martin presents a wealth of new angles on the traditional forms, with occasional echoes of such far-flung music as Scott Joplin, Bach, Chopin, and Debussy coming to the surface. Henry Martin is Professor of Music at Rutgers University-Newark. His teachers have included Milton Babbitt and David Del Tredici. Martin has pursued a dual career as a composer-pianist and as a music theorist specializing in jazz and the Western tonal tradition.


“Fascinating and exuberant music well worth getting to know.” - Audiophile Audition


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1 Praeludium et Fuga XIII in Gb Major (A Slow Drag) (5:41)
(combined prelude and fugue as one piece; in the form of a rag)
2 Praeludium XIV in F# minor (1:29)
3 Fuga XIV in F# minor (2:35)
4 Praeludium XV in G Major (3:39)
5 Fuga XV in G Major (2:37)
6 Praeludium XVI in G minor (1:10)
7 Fuga XVI in G minor (1:23)
8 Praeludium XVII in Ab Major (2:02)
9 Fuga XVII in Ab Major (1:59)
10 Praeludium XVIII in Ab minor (3:46)
11 Fuga XVIII in Ab minor (4:17)
12 Praeludium XIX in A Major (1:39)
13 Fuga XIX in A Major (3:17)
14 Praeludium XX in A minor (1:21)
15 Fuga XX in A minor (1:23)
16 Praeludium XXI in Bb Major (2:04)
17 Fuga XXI in Bb Major (1:14)
18 Praeludium XXII in Bb minor (1:31)
19 Fuga XXII in Bb minor (4:37)
20 Praeludium XXIII in B Major (1:40)
21 Fuga XXIII in B Major (2:13)
22 Praeludium XXIV in B minor (1:44)
23 Fuga XXIV in B minor (7:27)

Henry Martin, piano