Songs and Encores
Judith Bettina, soprano

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The beloved American soprano, Judith Bettina is heard on this disc in a highly varied recital of recent American song. Accompanied by her husband, the distinguished pianist James Goldsworthy, the pair present numerous first recordings of songs composed for and dedicated to them. Indeed this disc is a tribute to Ms. Bettina’s long relationships with a stylistically broad range of American composers. Referring to this stylistic breadth, annotator Hayes Biggs writes that “it is possible to view the individual songs as points along a continuum, from those exhibiting a relatively diatonic harmonic language (Christopher Berg, Tobias Picker) to an idiom that at times refers more or less obliquely to tonality but is considerably more chromatic (Chester Biscardi, David Rakowski) to one that is completely chromatic and untethered from tonality (Milton Babbitt, Mel Powell). Despite their differences, however, all of these composers in their unique ways are at root emblematic of a great and continuing lyric tradition in American music.” New York Magazine called Judith Bettina “a sensationally accomplished soprano”, and this disc offer ample evidence of her great gift.

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Milton Babbitt
Phonemena (1969-70)
(voice and piano version)
Now Evening, After Evening (2002)
Pantun (2001)
The Waltzer in the House (2003)
(voice and vibraphone)
with Tom Kolor, vibraphone

Christopher Berg
Ode to a Grecian Urn (2000)

Chester Biscardi
Baby Song of the Four Winds (1994)
Guru (1995)
Recovering (2000)

Tobias Picker
Native Trees (1992)
To the Insects (1992)
Half a Year Together (1987)
When we meet Again (1985)
Not Even the Rain (1996)

Mel Powell
Levertov Breviary (1997)

David Rakowski
Georgic (2000)
Musician (1990)
with Curtis Macomber, violin
Sara (2002) (piano solo)
Three Encores (1991)

Judith Bettina, soprano
James Goldsworthy, piano