Steven Mackey
Speak Like the People, Write Like the King

$ 14.99

The three pieces on this disc are all for string quartet, or two string quartets (Gaggle and Flock). Ars Moriendi, Latin for 'the art of dying well', in 9 sections, is an extremely personal composition, virtually a diary describing the demise of the composer's father. 'Lude was written as a companion piece to J.S. Bach's Contrapunctis XI from "The Art of the Fugue", and Gaggle and Flock was composed to celebrate collegial bonds between the two excellent quartets that share this recording.



“Those who still think of Mackey as a specialist in alternative guitar music will find him no less the master of so hallowed a medium in this warmly recommended release.” - International Record Review



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Steven Mackey

Ars Moriendi (2000)
Borromeo String Quartet

'Lude (2002)
Brentano String Quartet

Gaggle and Flock (2001)
Borromeo and Brentano String Quartets


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