György Kurtág: Kafka Fragments

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György Kurtág: Kafka Fragments <BR> BRIDGE 9270A/B

Hungarian composer György Kurtág's singular masterpiece, Kafka Fragments, is presented here on CD and on DVD. The DVD includes a live concert performance of the piece, filmed in Yerevan, Armenia, as well as a filmed "masterclass" held in Budapest, Hungary, with Kurtág coaching the two performers. The CD contains a complete studio recording of Kafka Fragments, made in the USA. Consisting of 40 short 'songs', the texts are drawn from Franz Kafka's letters, diary entries, and notebooks. Kafka Fragments is one of Kurtág's most autobiographical works, the score peppered with personal references and messages to well-known musicians and other acquaintances. The magnificent soprano Tony Arnold was winner of first prize in the Gaudeamus International Interpreters Competition in Holland, the first vocalist to be so honored. Along with virtuoso violinist Movses Pogossian, the duo has performed Kafka Fragments throughout the USA and Europe. This DVD/CD set presents their stunning performances alongside a fascinating film of the duo working with the composer, striving for maximum expression in a work that presents huge challenges, both musically and intellectually.



“The CD contains Arnold’s and violinist Movses Pogossian’s studio recording of the Kafka Fragments. It is first-class in every way, including sound quality. Arnold’s emotional intensity and grace under extreme pressure cannot be denied and Pogossian matches her note for note and nuance for nuance.” - International Record Review



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György Kurtág

Tony Arnold, soprano
Movses Pogossian, violin

BRIDGE 9270A/B (one CD, one DVD)