Complete Crumb Edition, Vol. 13

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George Crumb's series of American Songbooks has been the composer's primary occupation during the last decade, and the largest project of the composer's career. Writing about the American Songbooks I and III (BRIDGE 9218A/B), critic David Hurwitz states that "Crumb is a national treasure, and one of the very few contemporary composers whose new works are worth waiting for. These song cycles are masterpieces, plain and simple, and you must hear them." American Songbooks II and IV were composed for the forces that give them their premiere recording on this two-disc set. Each cycle lasts about 45 minutes, setting 8 songs with one instrumental interlude. Each cycle is scored for a percussion quartet (playing more than 100 instruments) and amplified piano. The soprano Barbara Ann Martin and Orchestra 2001 have been among George Crumb's greatest champions, and are the dedicatees of both of these cycles. As George Crumb nears his 80th birthday in 2009, Bridge Records nears completion of its Complete Crumb Edition. On Bridge's Complete Crumb Edition, the composer has not only supervised all of the recordings, but has also taken part in them as pianist, percussionist and narrator.



“Crumb’s exotic and uniquely colorful oeuvre is distinguished by a vast palette of timbres wrung from an eclectic array of instruments.” - Stereophile


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George Crumb

Grammy Nomination: Best Contemporary Classical Composition

A Journey Beyond Time (2003) (American Songbook II)
Songs of Despair and Hope (A Cycle of Afro-American Spirituals)
Winds of Destiny (2004) (American Songbook IV)
Songs of Strife, Love, Mystery and Exultation (A Cycle of American Civil War Songs, Folk Songs and Spirituals)
(Premiere Recordings)

Barbara Ann Martin, soprano
Orchestra 2001
James Freeman, conductor

BRIDGE 9275A/B (two discs)

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