Franz Joseph Haydn: Six Quartets, Op. 20, Hob. III, 31-36

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On this specially-priced two-disc set, the Daedalus Quartet performs Haydn's six revolutionary Op. 20 "Sun" quartets.  These six quartets, composed in 1772, were among the most influential quartets of their era.  Before embarking on his own first (Op. 18) string quartets, Beethoven studied the scores of Haydn's six masterpieces, copying them out and scoring the first quartet for string orchestra.  Writing of the Daedalus's Haydn, New York Times chief music critic, Anthony Tommassini stated: "the excellent Daedalus Quartet, in residence at Columbia University, opened the season  by playing Haydn's Quartet Op. 20, No. 2, one of the six "Sun" Quartets from that opus. The performance was insightful and vibrant.  Hearing such an excellent, up-close performance made this Haydn piece seem even more monumental."   The  remarkable Daedalus Quartet's debut CD (BRIDGE 9202), performing Ravel, Sibelius & Stravinsky, was received with glowing press and a "Best of Year" award from Chicago's Primetime.



“It’s hard to imagine a healthier or more satisfying musical pleasure than curling up with a score and a splendid new recording of Haydn’s Op. 20 quartets, which are among the truly epochal monuments of the classical repertoire. Great stuff, and an easy recommendation” -

“What utterly delightful, charming performances these are. This is the kind of CD set that’s absolutely perfect for a summer afternoon and/or settling jangled nerves while engaging the mind in the joyful intricacies of the musical discourse. Highly recommended.” - Fanfare

“A set definitely worth having in your player.” - Classical Music Sentinel


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Franz Joseph Haydn, composer
Daedalus Quartet

BRIDGE 9326A/B (two discs for the price of one)