Music of Chinary Ung, Vol. 3

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When Chinary Ung set out to compose Spiral IX: Maha Sathukar, he established a union between the two series that had dominated his output - the Spirals series begun in 1987 and a series of works in which musicians were asked to simultaneously perform vocally and instrumentally. Ung?s mentor and friend, the composer Chou Wen-chung, had this to say about Ung's recent work: "Given Chinary's family experience during those years of extraordinary political and social upheaval in Cambodia, inevitably the urge for a modern reincarnation of the ancient practice of chanting would propel him to evolve a methodology for synchronizing conventional, extended, or newly invented instrumental techniques, including percussive sounds on chosen objects, with a rich repertoire of sung, spoken or otherwise vocalized sounds." Both of the compositions on this disc display the extraordinary virtuosity required to perform these fascinating compositions. Also available: Music of Chinary Ung, Vol. 1 (BRIDGE 9277) and Vol. 2 (BRIDGE 9321)


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Spiral XI: Mother and Child (2007)
Susan Ung, viola and voice

Spiral IX: Maha Sathukar (2006)
Thomas Buckner, baritone and percussion
Susan Ung, viola, voice and percussion
Lynn Vartan, percussion and voice
Stephen Solook, percussion and voice

Chinary Ung, conductor


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