Trefoil performs Fleur de Valeur: A Medieval Bouquet

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Like poets of all ages, medieval songwriters invoked the imagery and natural magic of flowers in the service of ideal, feminine beauty. In many poems, the most revered flower was the Rose, or fleur de valeur. As a symbol of Mary the Virgin this flower stood for virtue, but also for the more sensual desires of the flesh, where it became an object of masculine desire. On this CD, Trefoil presents an exquisite bouquet of medieval floral song. Trefoil, a trio of singer-instrumentalists long active in early music ensembles, made its debut in 2000, in New York and Philadelphia to rave reviews.



This is a very pleasant anthology...this new release demonstrates the full range of skills of this vocal and instrumental trio.” - American Record Guide


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Drew Minter, countertenor, harp and percussion
Mark Rimple, countertenor, lute, gittern, and citole
Marcia Young, soprano and harp

Johannes Ciconia: Sus en fontayne remirant
Anon. (Buxheim): O rosa bella (intabulation)
John Dunstable: O rosa bella
Trebor: Paserose de beauté
Anon. 13th c.: Quant voi la flor novele
Alfonso X, El Sabio: Cantiga X: Rosa das rosas
Faenza Codex, after Machaut: De tout flors (intabulation)
Anon. French: N’a pas longtemps que trouvay Zephirus
Anon French: Motet: Amours mi font/En mai/Flos filius
Anon. Trouvère: Rose cui nois ne gelée
Guillaume Dufay: Flos florum
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras: Kalenda Maya (instrumental)
Anon. French: La tierche estampie roial
Gilles Binchois: Margarite fleur de valeur; Solage: En l’amoureux vergier