Richard Wernick: Volume 3

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Richard Wernick won the 1977 Pulitzer Prize for Music for his composition Visions of Terror and Wonder and later won Kennedy Center Friedheim Awards for his Violin Concerto, and String Quartet No. 4. The composer of a large body of distinguished chamber and symphonic music, Wernick's music is highly detailed and passionately expressive.

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Richard Wernick:
Sextet (2003):
Robert Hanford, violin 1; Sheila Hanford, violin 2; Keith Conant, viola; Barbara Haffner, cello; Collins Trier, bass; Alan Chow, piano

Concerto for Cello and Ten Players (1980):
Barbara Haffner, cello; Gregory Fulkerson, violin, Andrew Anderson, bass; Kate Eakin, oboe; Laurie Bloom, bass clarinet, Drew Thompson, contra bassoon; Matt Bronstein, French Horn; Chris Hasselbring, trumpet, Nicholas Pine, trombone; Marcia Labella, harp; Matthew Coley, percussion; Robert Trevino, conductor

Piano Trio No. 1 (1994): Lambert Orkis, piano; Gregory Fulkerson, violin; Barbara Haffner, cello


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