Louis Karchin: Five Compositions (2009-2019)

$ 14.99

Composer Louis Karchin has created a substantial body of work to date, including his recent opera "Jane Eyre" (recorded for NAXOS) and more than half a dozen pieces for orchestra, and a plethora of chamber and vocal compositions.  BRIDGE's second Karchin disc presents five recent works composed during the past decade 2009-2019, featuring the composer's "Chamber Symphony" (2009).



“I enjoyed this more with each listen; Karchin’s wide-ranging style takes us from the cartoonesque to the dreamlike. Solid performances from the ensemble, too.” - BBC Music Magazine

“This is a superbly recorded and expertly performed recording made with outstanding musicians, many of whom are dedicatees of the pieces they are playing. Louis Karchin’s music is rewarding if not ‘easy’, the rewards coming from an appreciation gained over more than a few hearings of these works. The Chamber Symphony is certainly a masterpiece, and the subsequent chamber works are by no means mere fillers.” - MusicWeb International

“Louis Karchin is a fabulous contemporary composer with thorough instrumental knowledge.” - theWholeNote