Brahms: The Last Piano Pieces
Victor Rosenbaum, piano

$ 14.99

For pianist Victor Rosenbaum's fourth CD on Bridge Records; the artist turns to the last three piano compositions of Johannes Brahms.  Rosenbaum's Schubert disc was described as a “powerful and poignant record of human experience”, and much the same can be said of these profound readings of Brahms's late masterpieces.



5 stars*****  "A treasurable disc"

"the finest interpretations suggest a journey of exploration, and perhaps even of improvisation. Such is the case with Victor Rosenbaum’s performances on the new Bridge release. In his marvelous liner notes, Rosenbaum tells the reader: “I frequently give these late Brahms pieces to students when we first start working together, because in just two or three pages, so many issues of notation and composition—not to mention character and expression—can be explored.” Rosenbaum demonstrates that respect for, and adherence to, Brahms’s score directives...add to that the gorgeous singing quality of Rosenbaum’s playing, manifested in a lovely tone, seamless legato, and magical application of rubato.This is free and poetic Brahms playing, evocative of the grand Romantic masters of the past.  The recording, made in Boston’s Jordan Hall, is excellent; colorful, detailed, and devoid of any sense of artificial enhancement."
— Fanfare, May, 2021 by Ken Meltzer

"Victor Rosenbaum plays these three sets with perfect empathy and great emotional intelligence....The whole disc is magisterial; a mature pianist bringing deep thought and empathy to a series of mature pieces which stand revealed, as clearly as I have ever heard, as masterpieces. This will be the disc I turn to when I next want to hear any or all of these remarkable pieces." — MusicWeb International

“Brahms knows his days are numbered and opts to display his incredible gifts of endless moods, harmonic twists and life resolve to make meaning out of sound. Rosenbaum puts everything in its rightful place, with a place for all. The world could use a lot more of his glorious art – new, discovered or recalled.” - JWR

“Wonderfully recorded and played with tremendous attention to the subtle details of the work, Rosenbaum simply adds here to his fine reputation as a masterful pianist and interpreter. An excellent recording to start 2021!” - theWholeNote