Robert Kyr: In Praise of Music
Antioch Chamber Ensemble

$ 14.99

Robert Kyr is one of the most prolific composers of his time, having composed twelve symphonies, three chamber symphonies, concerti, and more than 100 works for vocal ensembles of all types. His choral music is distinguished by a warmly compelling lyricism, as well as by a contrapuntal mastery that arises from his love of early music, especially the work of Dufay, Josquin Des Prez, and above all, Bach. The ten beautiful choral works on this recording reflect the arc of Kyr's music over the past twenty years, the titles acutely illustrative of the composer's spiritual interests: In Praise of Music, O Great Spirit, Veni Creator Spiritus, Santa Fe Vespers, Dawnsong, Voices for Peace, Freedom Song, Alleluia for Peace.

Antioch Chamber Ensemble
Joshua Copeland, conductor


"The 10 pieces reveal a composer intimate with many styles who embraces tonal roots while applying rich harmonic and contrapuntal resources to texts he sets with natural grace and feeling. Whether molding phrases to his own words or verses from liturgical sources, Kyr achieves varied choral textures through subtle fluctuations of thematic and rhythmic devices." - Gramophone

"The easy elegance he brings to the Gaubert pieces makes these works sound like deep masterpieces rather than “flute fluff”. His prodigious breath control and sustained lightness of tone lifts Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun from the forest to the clouds, in a manner of speaking. Langevin’s stellar rendition of Debussy’s unaccompanied Syrinx matches the fluid perfection of Doriot Anthony Dwyer’s reference DG recording, in contrast to Emmanuel Pahud’s affectionate lingering. Margaret Kampmeier’s alert and sensitive support is what you’d expect from one of the best collaborative pianists on Planet Earth. A must-have for flute fans and Francophiles alike." - (10/10)

"Throughout, Langevin’s flute seems a living thing, a “magic flute” with a mellifluous voice and amazing acrobatic agility, yet always exquisitely graceful. Bravissimo!" - theWholeNote

"Kyr makes very substantial demands on his singers, including sudden key shifts, complex chord structures, and passages that stretch to the very edge of the singers’ compass. The best works have a wonderfully rhapsodic quality with often startling changes in key signature and character. Whatever the reason for the hiatus, this is a recording worth waiting for." - EarRelevant

"The Antioch Ensemble sang each piece with terrific balance and commitment, making In Praise of Music an excellent addition to your choral library." - NorthWest Reverb