Paul Salerni: People, Places, & Pets
Bowers Fader Duo

$ 14.99

Paul Salerni found his ideal interpreters in the Bowers Fader Duo. The mezzo-soprano & guitar duo write: "We love Paul Salerni. Ever since our initial collaboration in 2016, when we first played Bad Pets, we knew we had found something special." Salerni composed four song cycles for the duo in the space of two months, the results of which can be heard on this delightful recording.


"At its core, the album really highlights Salerni’s text-setting and musical style and those who have come to appreciate his larger-scale works will find the same sense of humor and winks alongside deeply-emotional pieces in this unusual collection." - Cinemusical

"The duo have been around for over a decade now, and have commissioned 20 works since then. This is their sophomore album, and with Fader’s fascinating picking technique and Bowers’ strong attention to tonality, they’re making a lasting impression with anyone willing to devote some time to their craft." — Take Effect