Karl Kohn: Complete Works for Flute
Rachel Rudich, flute

$ 31.99

Release date: April 15, 2022

Karl Kohn is represented on this impressive two-disc set by all of his solo and chamber music for flute.  Kohn writes that "my music since the early 1960’s has been firmly re-connected with the broader heritage of Western art music, either by specific and direct quotation or “parody,” or – prevailingly - by more oblique allusions to characteristics of past style."  Though he has spent seven decades working in California, the 95 year old composer writes that "I am struck how it seems to reflect, first, my Viennese musical heritage, and then my training in a neo-classical tradition."  The performances feature the American flute virtuoso, Rachel Rudich, the dedicatee of many of Kohn's works.