Justin Dello Joio, Oceans Apart

$ 16.99

The featured work on this album of compositions by Justin Dello Joio is the American composer's new piano concerto, "Oceans Apart", composed for keyboard titan, Garrick Ohlsson. Ohlsson is joined by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alan Gilbert, the artists who premiered the concerto in 2023. The program also includes chamber works performed by the New York Philharmonic's principal cellist, Carter Brey, with pianist Christopher O'Riley; and the American Brass Quintet, and organist Colin Fowler. For more information see www.justindellojoio.net


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"Justin Dello Joio, the son of the late versatile composer Norman Dello Joio, wrote a piano concerto for Garrick Ohlsson, Oceans Apart, that not only functions as a display piece for Ohlsson but also tries to imply something about our politically-polarized, climate-change- threatened times." Classical Voice

“Justin Dello Joio is one of the finest composers I know of today. His music is totally original and speaks both to the mind and heart. “Oceans Apart” is a deep and important work built on a grand scale and also superbly etched in its details. I was quite overwhelmed by it!”  — John Corigliano

"Oceans Apart is one of Dello Joio’s best orchestral pieces to date, with a versatile language and well-planned trajectory." — Sequenza 21

"Ohlsson brings an extraordinarily rich palette of touch and articulation to this challenging score, which requires a chamber-music-like precision and sensitivity as the piano interacts with orchestral solos and small ensembles. The resultant colours and textures are dazzling." — Gramophone