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Mozart: Piano Four Hands
Artur Balsam, Nadia Reisenberg

$ 14.99

"In short, I cannot remember a more joyous recorded performance of Mozart piano music than these delightful renditions." - Fanfare Magazine These classic recordings, originally released on LPs by Musical Heritage Society, and brought to CD for the first time, bring together two of the leading Mozart pianists of their generation–Nadia Reisenberg and Artur Balsam. Reisenberg was born in Russia, studying there with Leonid Nicolaieff (the teacher of Shostakovich, among many other leading Russian pianists). In the USA, Ms. Reisenberg studied with the legendary Josef Hoffman, at the Curtis Institute. Among Ms. Reisenberg's outstanding achievements, was the performance of all 27 Piano Concertos of Mozart. Ms. Reisenberg taught at Curtis, NYU, USC, and the Jerusalem Academy. Artur Balsam was born in Poland, and won the First Prize in the Berlin Competition of 1930, and the Mendelssohn Prize in Berlin in 1931. Balsam recorded hundreds of works of both the solo and chamber repertoire, including all of Mozart's solo music, and recorded Sonatas with Nathan Milstein, Zino Francescatti, Joseph Fuchs and Zara Nelsova, among many others.



“The minute you put this CD in the machine you will smile, and continue smiling from first note to the last. This is joyous music played joyously like you’ve never heard before. It’s a genuine romp!” - Fanfare

“Reisenberg and Balsam make wonderful sense of everything they play. Cascading runs and trills, syncopated passages, martial riffs and long, lingering legato passages, each enjoy the joie de vivre of two, experienced artists in their medium of choice.” - Audiophile Audition
“These performances are sparkling, witty, and never mediocre — near-perfect renderings of the Mozart four-hand literature.” - AllMusic



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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata in D Major, K. 381
Sonata in C Major, K. 521
Adagio and Allegro in f minor, K. 594
Sonata in B-flat Major, K. 358
Sonata in F Major, K.497

Nadia Reisenberg, piano
Artur Balsam, piano


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