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Morton Feldman: For Christian Wolff

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For Christian Wolff is one of Morton Feldman's final compositions, and stands alongside the four-hours-plus For Philip Guston, the 70-minute For John Cage, and the six-hour String Quartet II. Writing about hearing this work, Christian Wolff says that "I found the experience of listening to it beautiful and interesting - it moves away partly from our (Morty's, John Cage's and mine) original preoccupation with just sound and sonority into areas of self-awareness about listening, being a listener, as such, because there's so much time to be thinking of this and that as well as just listening." The California EAR Unit's performances of Feldman's For Philip Guston (BRIDGE 9078A/D) and Crippled Symmetry (BRIDGE 9092A/B) have received high praise from the international musical press.



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Morton Feldman

California Ear Unit:
Dorothy Stone, flute; Vicki Ray, piano, celesta

BRIDGE 9279A/C (three discs)

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