Morton Feldman
Crippled Symmetry

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"Like seemingly every great American composer, beyond his personal and esthetic influences and connections, Feldman was a loner, an outsider who created from the air an utterly individual body of work. It might seem odd that a man so full of life and loves and friends could be thought of as a loner. But he was a romantic, too, as intense and impassioned a romantic as 20th century music produced." - John Rockwell, from the liner notes for this recording



“What makes Feldman’s music so fascinating is its complete honesty: it truly does create a series of sonic shapes moving through space, allowing the listener to literally ‘see’ with his ears the slowly changing patterns of sound...this is great music to fall asleep to...because it’s so hypnotic.” -

“This recording comes from a concert in 2000, when the same three instrumentalists were reunited to play the work at a festival in Buffao that Feldman had begun a quarter of a century earlier. They remember the event as one of the best performances they ever gave together, and it’s easy to hear why. As an example of the unique treasures that Feldman’s late music has to offer, it couldn’t be bettered.” - The Guardian


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