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Primakov plays Fryderyk Chopin: 21 Mazurkas

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Since the release of his recording of the Chopin Piano Concertos, Vassily Primakov has been hailed as a pianist of world class importance. In recent years, Primakov's remarkably visceral performances have captured the hearts of the public and critics alike, winning standing ovations and rave reviews in the international press. Writing of Primakov's Chopin Concertos disc (BRIDGE 9278) Gramophone stated: "Primakov's empathy with Chopin's spirit could hardly be more complete; and the American Record Guide wrote "This is a great Chopin pianist- Primakov's timing is perfect." MusicWeb-International called the CD "one of the great Chopin recordings of recent times. Primakov's interpretations of the two Chopin piano concertos combine grace and fire in the service of unflagging intensity. These are performances of extraordinary power and beauty." With this new recording of 21 of Chopin's intimate and immortal Mazurkas, Primakov begins his exploration of Chopin's solo works for Bridge Records. These Vassily Primakov discs are currently available: Beethoven Sonatas (BRIDGE 9251), Chopin Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (BRIDGE 9278) and a disc including Tchaikovsky's Grand Sonata, Op. 37 and The Seasons, Op. 37-bis (BRIDGE 9283).



“In every piece Vassily’s touch is perfect for Chopin. Since Gilels, how many Russian pianists have the right touch? Very few. In Chopin, no one currently playing and recording sounds as good as this!” - American Record Guide


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Frederic Chopin

21 Mazurkas: 

C major, Op. 24, No. 2
F minor, Op. 63, No. 2
B-flat minor, Op. 24, No. 4
B-flat major, Op. 17, No. 1
C-sharp minor, Op. 6, No. 2
A minor, Op. 67, No. 4
D major, Op. 33, No. 2
G-sharp minor, Op. 33, No. 1
C-sharp minor, Op. 50, No. 3
B Major, Op. 63, No. 1
C minor, Op. 56, No. 3
A-flat major, Op. 59, No. 2
D-flat major, Op. 30, No. 3
A minor, Op. 68, No. 2
C major, Op. 56, No. 2
E minor, Op. 41, No.2
A-flat major, Op. 41, No. 4
F minor, Op. 68, No. 4
F minor, Op. 7, No. 3
C-sharp minor, Op. 63, No. 3
A minor, Op. 17, No. 4

Vassily Primakov, piano


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