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George Perle: String Quartets

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The four pieces recorded here comprise Volume 1 of the Daedalus Quartet's survey of George Perle's music for string quartet. Writing of George Perle's Windows of Order: String Quartet No. 8, the British critic Malcolm MacDonald states: "What is hard to convey in words, but is plain to the ear, is the sheer wealth of Perle's inventiveness in musical shapes and sounds; his obvious delight in the quartet medium itself, and the wit and wisdom of his discourse throughout what must be ranked one of the string quartet masterpieces of the later 20th century." San Francisco Chronicle critic Joshua Kosman called Perle "one of the great unsung modernists, a writer of expressiveness and wit who has never let his idiosyncratic devotion to the 12-tone system stand in the way of lyricism or rhetorical clarity." It is Perle's masterful control and expressive depth that one is constantly reminded of while listening to the Daedalus Quartet's revelatory new recordings. Also available on Bridge: George Perle: A Retrospective (1957-2004) BRIDGE 9214A/B (Two Discs).



It’s the essence of this strangely effective music that one remembers. If you’ve read Perle’s writings on music, this CD will do more than intrigue you; it will delight and stimulate. If your purpose is to hear good contemporary string quartet repertoire played with great style and skill, then this is a CD well worth investigating.” - Classical Net

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George Perle

Molto Adagio (1938)
String Quartet No. 2 in D minor, Op. 14 (1942)
String Quartet No. 5 (1960)
Windows of Order: String Quartet No. 8 (1988)

Daedalus Quartet


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