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Rube Goldberg Variations
Dmitri Tymoczko

$ 14.99

Dmitri Tymoczko's  "Rube Goldberg Variations" presents three recent chamber works in brilliant performances.  Dmitri Tymoczko is a composer and music theorist who teaches at Princeton University. His book "A Geometry of Music (Oxford)" has been described as “a tour de force” (The Times Literary Supplement), and a “monumental achievement” (Music Theory Online). Annotator Mark Keresman writes that "Mr. Tymoczko is of the generation of composers for whom soundtrack music for films and cartoons, assorted eras of jazz, and rock carry as much literal or existential weight as the European and American notated traditions oft-referred to as 'classical'."



This is music that is both solidly made, and of the sort that keeps you guessing and fascinated the whole way through. With excellent recordings, expert performances and a creative voice that deserves to be heard, this is a striking new music release that has a whole barrow-load of seedlings on offer to anyone with a fertile imagination.” - MusicWeb International

An intriguing musical voice that should interest anyone in search of a new auditory experience.” - LimeLight

He is that rarest of modern composers, one whose music invites listeners to enjoy what he writes rather than aim to something so esoteric that it sounds a bit forbidding. You REALLY need to hear this CD. It will turn your ears around.” - The Art Music Lounge

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I Cannot Follow

I. Structures of Loss

II. Respite

III. I Cannot Follow

Flexible Music

Rube Goldberg Variations

I. To a Leaf

II. Stravinsky Fountain

III. Homage

IV. Father Makes the World

Atlantic Brass Quintet with John Blacklow

S Sensation Something

Amernet Quartet with Matthew Bengtson


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