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Steve Mackey: Lost and Found

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Is it classical, jazz, metal, grunge or folk? Mackey's roots are spread across a fascinatingly wide spectrum of available musical styles. A classical composer of substance (his recently commissioned work for the Chicago Symphony received glowing notices), Mackey is also a virtuoso electric guitarist, possessing a Jimi Hendrix-like range of guitar color.

Mackey's music, a multi-layered world of rhythm and sonority, draws much of its harmonic palette from western art music, and its wit and vivacity from an imaginative transformation of pop elements. Lost and Found repeatedly asks the listener to break down all pre-conceptions regarding sound and style. What remains is the warmth and humor of a true American "original"- a composer fascinated by stylistic clash and the new language that his yields. On Lost and Found, Steve Mackey emerges as a compelling musical personality- one whose appeal crosses all barriers of categorization.



“If your teenager wants to play an axe, don’t despair—let him. He might grow up to be another Steve Mackey, and there would be no harm in that.” - Fanfare



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Lost and Found
Dancetracks (composed with Paul Lansky)
Myrtle and Mint
Wish It Were

Steve Mackey, composer/guitarist


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