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Triple Doubles
Danielpour, Ludwig, Hagen

$ 14.99

The CD "Triple Doubles" presents three recent double concertos- works composed for violinist Jaime Laredo and cellist Sharon Robinson. Performed by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra (Laredo is the orchestra's Music Director), these performances have a remarkably personal quality, undoubtedly a result of the performers' close relationship with the composers and the unique bond of a husband and wife interacting with "their" orchestra. When Richard Danielpour began composing A Child's Reliquary he had just learned of the death of the young son of conductor Carl St. Clair. "I began to write a series of variations on, or around, the Brahms Wiegenlied." The work was originally written for trio, and was orchestrated in 2006. David Ludwig wrote his Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra in three movements with two interludes between the movements. He writes: "I can think of no more natural a subject than Love for a double concerto written for Jaime Laredo and Sharon Robinson; two people devoted both to each other and to a lifetime of loving music." Daron Aric Hagen writes: "The double concerto Masquerade takes as its starting place the conventions of Commedia dell'arte. The soloists take on the roles of musical lovers in the first movement (Burlesque). Composed over a two year period, the concerto is dedicated to Jaime Laredo and Sharon Robinson."



"Laredo and Robinson make the duetting seem effortless, conveying a sense that these are much-loved pieces being discovered anew. The Vermont Symphony under Sarah Hicks and Troy Peters plays with conviction and attention to detail." - The Strad

“Soloists Jamie Laredo and Sharon Robinson are obviously deeply committed to these works. They toss off the wildly virtuosic passages with raw energy and draw richly sustained tones from their instruments in the lyrical, elegiac passages. Robinson is at her absolute expressive peak...This release is definitely headed for my year-end Want List.” - Fanfare


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Richard Danielpour: A Child's Reliquary (1999, 2006)

David Ludwig: Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra (2008)

Daron Aric Hagen: Masquerade—Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra (2007)

Jaime Laredo, violin
Sharon Robinson, violoncello
Vermont Symphony Orchestra
Sarah Hicks, conductor (Danielpour, Ludwig)
Troy Peters, conductor (Hagen)